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Keeping Your Shed in Tip-Top Shape

Whether it is your garden shed, a workshop shed, or storage shed, regular maintenance will ensure that your shed will stay in tip-top shape and stay there for years, keeping your materials, equipment, or whatever you put in there safe and secure.

And although sheds differ in materials as shown on this website and require varying degrees of maintenance, there are few universal maintenance tips to keep them working for years.

  1. Slick of Paint

A new coat of paint not only brings new life to your old shed but also ensures a longer lifespan.

For wood sheds, they need to be painted instantly or not later than 2 months after installation. In addition, an exterior primer needs to be used before painting in order to protect the wood structure from decaying and rotting as well as termites and other critters.

Acrylic latex paint can be used on the exterior, particularly on exposed edges and don’t forget the doors.

  1. Waterproofed

The weather in Australia can be quite unpredictable, sometimes bringing snow and rain without notice.

Whether you have steel, plastic or woodshed, you need to make sure that it has no cracks. If you did see one, even the tiniest crack should be covered with epoxy and finished with waterproofing paint.

Meanwhile, the windows should be checked and apply new silicone or putty as needed since water can drip inside through those holes.

Moving to the door, you can add a rain protector in order to keep water and snow out. Looking up, make sure to insulate cracks on the roof.

This website shows you how to insulate roof cracks.

  1. Ventilated

And while Australia’s weather brings the occasional rain and heavy snow, it is known for its sunny, and arid weather.

So, you also need to keep your shed well-ventilated. Under the shed’s floor runners should be placed and constantly inspected and replaced as necessary since it elevates the floor and allows better air circulation.

Enough doors and windows should also be installed and properly work to allow cool air inside. Meanwhile, the outside perimeter of the shed should be free of grasses and things leaning on its walls. This helps ensures proper circulation and less prone to rotting, paint peeling and corrosion due to moisture.

  1. Consistent Cleaning

Sheds should be treated as an extension of your home. And what do you do to keep your home in tip-top shape? Regular cleaning!

A clean shed makes it easier for you to see issues and fix them immediately. It also allows you to find things quickly as well as preventing rodents and other critters from making your shed their home.

A thorough cleaning can be done once or thrice a year, depending on how you use the shed.

If you are using it as storage, make sure that lawnmowers, bicycles, tools and other pieces of equipment and items are cleaned before storing them inside.

If you are using it as your workshop, then make sure to clean every after work, hiding tools, chemicals, and other dangerous materials. Leaks should also be cleaned immediately.

Step onto the roof and remove debris and leaves that accumulate. Do this every after a storm or during fall. Remove those moss that causes steel to rust and prevent the accumulation of rainwater.

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