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Torn Between Panel Lift and Roller Commercial Garage Doors? Here’s What You Need to Know

There are things in a business establishment that are usually unnoticed but have an integral function in its operations, like the garage doors. A commercial garage door needs wider spaces which is ideal if a business has many people and larger vehicles.

The safety of your garage is important for your business. This is why choosing the right garage door to ensure that unauthorised individuals cannot gain access to your garage is a crucial stage. If you want to install or update the garage door for your business, you need a lot of considerations like durability, cost, style, eco-friendly, and necessary maintenance.

There might be different ranges of commercial garage doors that you can choose from the market, but the most popular of them are the panel lift and roller shutter doors.

If you are torn between these two choices, here is a brief set of helpful information that you need to know.

Roller doors 

These commercial roller doors or commonly known as commercial roller shutter doors are popular amongst businesses for many reasons. Their functions are perfectly fit for commercial setting especially that they offer incredible insulation, supreme security, and cost-effectiveness.

Roller shutter doors are different from a common garage door which looks heavy and bulky. These types of doors have a structured, yet sleek, design. Commercial shutter doors also offer stunning functionality, elegance, and ultimate security, with some of them made of durable z275 coated galvanised steel interconnected slats that are roll-formed to tailor doors up to 12 metres wide.

Speaking of security, these doors are obviously the safest choice. The quick movement of these doors, which open and close quicker than traditional garage doors, provides extra protection. Additionally, the coated galvanised steel also ensures a heavy-duty barrier which is hard to break and locks firmly to ensure maximum security when they are closed.  Click here ECO Garage Doors for more details

Panel lift doors

If you are looking for higher energy efficiency and protection, then panel lift garage doors are for you.

These kinds of doors offer an eco-friendly solution that saves you from expensive energy bills. If you have an issue with the noise, well there are eco-insulated commercial panel door garage doors with eco 800N belt drive motor. This is definitely one of the the best noiseless panel lift doors you’ll ever find on the market today.

Panel lift doors also have weather resistance feature. Their air-tight seal blocks the wind or rain, which can cause moisture to develop inside your building. They also have a thermal resistance feature that increases the longevity of the internal temperature of your commercial garage.

Like roller doors, panel lift doors also offer advanced security features. These also come with a safety element called the finger protection technology that is designed to keep your fingers away from harm.

Why choose Eco Garage Doors? 

No matter what business you have, Eco Garage Doors offers advanced and innovative services and highly engineered products which is perfectly great for you. Installing garage doors for your commercial property is not only about durability; it should also have a sense of style, elegance, and maximum security. Of course, your doors should be customisable based on your preference.

Look no further because Eco Garage Doors offers everything that is mentioned. Check their website here: https://www.ecogaragedoors.com.au/.

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