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What are the key characteristics of a Hamptons style home?

A typical Hampton style house is bright, fresh, airy, and light with a coastal vibe for a more relaxed feeling as you walk in. In recent years, Hamptons style homes have seen a rise in popularity in Australian home designs. This is largely thanks to the affluent, relaxed, and summery feel it gives, which perfectly caters to the Australian lifestyle. Although it gives an affluent and relaxed comfort, it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many Hamptons style builders who offer affordable Hampton style homes.

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What is Hamptons style?

A Hamptons style home is bright, light, and has a sophisticated seaside vibe that has a calming effect on anyone who steps inside. The rooms in this type of house are also quite spacious with generous proportions. This makes it perfect for entertaining guests.

Key features of a Hamptons style home

A Hamptons home wouldn’t be a Hampton style house without these key features.


One of the key features of Hamptons style homes is their sense of lighting. After all, these types of homes are bright and light. A sunlit space is vital in creating a Hamptons atmosphere. White paint and light coloured oak floors also help reflect the light, creating a real coastal feel. Avoid choosing a sunshade that directs light in a single direction or blocks it out entirely. Instead, opt for glass lighting covers to help make the continuity of light flow seamlessly throughout your home.


A Hamptons house is synonymous with relaxation and luxury, so unfitting furnishings have no place in it. Make sure to furnish your home with upholstered sofas with pale neutral colours. White linen-covered sofas will also do. You can also add glass or white coffee tables or side tables. A coffee table book is another nice addition, as it gives a feeling of relaxed browsing.


Another key characteristic of Hamptons style homes that house building companies would like to share is its layout. It has to create a feeling of relaxation and togetherness. This means adding a study nook near the activity room, a kitchen that faces the dining area, and quiet guest rooms. But, if you want to take it a notch higher, you can extend and connect your kitchen to an outdoor area. What better way to do some summertime entertaining, right?


A staircase is a must for any home with more than one story. And, a Hampton style house wouldn’t be complete without its iconic wooden stairway. The oak or deep steps of timber coupled with white painted railing makes the transition from one place to another a beautiful sight to behold. It also focuses on the visual notion of relaxed movement.

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